Help Family Pets in Need of Medical Care

St. Francis Animal Hospital believes it is not right to let an animal suffer with less than ideal treatment because their owner can’t afford expensive veterinary care. We often have families come to us with a sick or injured pet and they can’t afford the entire cost of the medical care their pet needs. In these cases, donations to our Helping Paws Fund from caring people like you help to cover the cost of any care the family can’t afford. By making a tax-deductible donation to our Helping Paws fund, you will not only help a pet in need, but you will help a very grateful family who loves their furry family member very much.

DONATE NOW to the AVMF: Veterinary Care Charitable Fund

How Your Donation Can Help:
Your donation can help provide important medical care for a sick or injured pet. Here are just some of the ways your dollars can help:

  • $25 antibiotic injection
  • $50 basic ultrasound
  • $75 average overnight hospitalization care
  • $100 hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment
  • $125 X-Rays
  • $150 extensive lab work for sick pets
  • $300 blood transfusion
  • $500 life-saving emergency surgery or snake bite antivenin